Metal Architectural & Interiors

Incorporating metal elements into interiors and architecture will set your project apart. Whether you're looking for a classic design or ultra-modern aesthetic, metal is your strongest choice. Rivers Metal has worked on countless interior and exterior design projects including stairways, railings, lighting, custom metal furniture, and a number of custom decors and finishes. Have something crazy that's never been done? We love challenges like that.

Custom Metal Stairways & Railings

Custom metal stairways and railings accentuate open-floor plans and are a great solution for corporate and residential projects. Don't let your stairway be an afterthought in the design process, let it be a focal point. Custom stairways and railing designs literally take your interior to the next level. We work with designers, contractors, homeowners, and anyone else with a notepad and a great idea.

We needed a custom built staircase. Everyone told us it couldn’t be done. Rivers Metal delivered.
— William K.

custom Metal Furniture

There's virtually no limitations to custom metal furniture. We pride ourselves on fabricating pieces you've never seen or even thought of. Benches, chairs, tables, countertops, and almost anything else are freed of conventional design restraints with the use of metal. Custom metal furniture can solve almost any interior and exterior design problem, lasts forever, and best of all never needs febreezing.

Our outdoor sitting area used to be an afterthought, now it’s a focal point.
— Kayley M.

Miscellaneous Custom Decor & Finish

Curved metal baseboards, check. Customized metal storage bins, check. Creating metal solutions for walls, floors, ceilings and everything else inside and outside, check. We've seen it all and if we haven't then let's get together and make it. Challenge accepted.

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