Custom Metal Fabrication

Rivers Metal Products can handle your special project requirements. We know metal -- the structural issues, weight, corrosion, distortion, finishes and more. Our adaptability and consultative approach means we can use innovative strategies and proven methods in metal fabrication to achieve the best solution for your project. 

With our unique and diverse experience, Rivers Metal Products is well positioned to handle the simple, the complex, and the challenging projects where only the end goal is in mind. From 22,000-gallon rotational molds, to agricultural tanks, and machine parts; to signage, stairways, railings, and bolt assemblies that fit in your hand, Rivers Metal can make your metal fabrication needs a reality.

Our Services

Manufacturing Custom Fabrication

Rivers Metal Products has the experience and expertise to complete any manufacturing job thrown at us. We do everything from subassemblies to large-scale fabrication. Our staff includes experts in every aspect of metal fabrication. This means our products are made by experienced craftsman at every point in your project. 



From architects to contractors to individuals, if you have an idea or a design in metal, Rivers Metal Products can provide expert consultation about how to fabricate it. We've collaborated on a wide range of projects, including a serpentine staircase, curved metal baseboards, chandeliers, tables, glass and metal railings, metal wall treatments, and much more. 

Metal Signage

Rivers Metal Products can fabricate quality custom metal signs that meet your design requirements and installation location. From custom architectural and outdoor signs to interior signs for city government, businesses, corporations, and colleges and universities, Rivers Metal can provide expert consultation and fabrication to achieve your unique metal signage needs. 


Fine Art

Rivers Metal Products enjoys collaborating with local artisans, sculptors, designers, architects, and hobbyists from metal material sales to design and installation of metal specialty features. Our quality, attention to detail, and craftmanship have helped us to earn a reputation in the community. 

Rotational Molds

Rivers Metal Products has been defining the industry standard in rotational molds since 1973. We've made thousands of unique molds, establishing Rivers Metal as the premier fabricator of rotational molds. In every aspect, from body to supports to fasteners, molds made by Rivers Metal are the best rotational molds you'll find. 

custom metal quick Fabs

Rivers Metal Products has provided custom metal fabrication for special projects and repairs for the university, businesses, and individuals. We've fabricated metal brackets, metal replacement parts, and a custom car scoop. If you have a metal need, we can meet it! 

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Machining Services

Rivers Metal Products is able to mass produce all kinds of industrial and structural metal parts with outstanding accuracy, quality, and consistency.  

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