Metal Manufacturing

We have the experience to complete any manufacturing job thrown at us. We do everything from subassemblies to large-scale product fabrication. Our staff includes experts in every aspect of metal fabrication, this means our products are made by experienced craftsmen at every point of the project. 

Metal Fabrication

At Rivers Metal, our experience is diverse across products and industries. We continuously drive to improve fabrication to meet even the most demanding requirements. 

Metal Design & Build

Rivers Metal Products can help you with both design and fabrication. We'll collaborate with you to ensure both your creative and functional requirements are met.

MACHINING services

Rivers Metal Products is able to mass produce all kinds of industrial and structural metal parts with outstanding accuracy, quality, and consistency. 


Our workspace is uniquely engineered to execute large-scale projects. We have the equipment and people to take on custom fabrications projects of any kind. No matter what you need done, or the scale, our expert staff gets it done. 

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