Rotational Molds

Rivers Metal has been defining the industry standard in rotational molds since 1973. After more than 40 years, Rivers Metal has become a cornerstone in the rotational mold industry. Our experts have made rotational molds of every size and shape, from under a gallon to over 22,000 gallons.

If you need a rotational mold, talk to us and see why we set the standard. 

Setting The Standard

We've made thousands of unique molds, establishing Rivers Metal as the premier fabricator of rotational molds. In every aspect, from body to supports to fasteners, molds made by Rivers Metal are the best rotational molds you will find. And we'll use our experience to make a mold that fits your needs. 

What We're Made Of

At Rivers Metal, we are the experts in stainless steel mold production, but our employees are also experienced in producing high-quality molds from carbon steel and aluminum.

The Finished Product

When you come to Rivers Metal for a rotational mold, we will develop a first-rate product every time. Our shop and employees are capable of making molds of any shape, all with top-notch customer service.