Backyard Oasis

Staircase photo

When the homeowners of a Lincoln property approached Dan Loeck of Loeck Designs to develop ideas to improve the usability of their backyard, he more than surpassed their expectations. Familiar with the home from several previous remodeling projects, Dan’s design transformed the space into the oasis category.  Once construction began and some of the existing elements were removed, it became evident to the owners that they also wanted a pool added. The original plans primarily included a two-story deck structure with a series of planters and patios. Dan’s redesign moved his vision for the project from great to grand.

Working in collaboration with Rivers Metal Products (RMP) as the subcontractor for the metal fabrication, the project began in April of 2016. Construction was put on hold during the redesign to incorporate the pool structure. Work was scheduled with Bonsall Pool to build it, and the project was completed in June of 2017.  The original plans called for a stainless steel circular stairway to access the 2nd floor deck as well as custom made stainless steel cable rail handrails on the new deck structure. RMP ultimately fabricated numerous elements to fit the new design for the staircase, cable railings, water wall feature, fire features and pool.

RMP began working on the serpentine stairway first and built it in their shop.  They began work on the stairway after the concrete for the pool was poured in order to get the correct height. The most labor intensive installation was the infinity edge of the pool which creates a thin, uniform sheet of water spilling over the edge.

Collaboration was key, especially to accomplish the desired effect for the pool elements. RMP, Bonsall and Loeck met often and discussed numerous options in order to get this very important detail just right. “The infinity edge had to be perfectly level over its entire 44’-0” length in order to create a uniformity across the length of the  thin waterfall. Constructed of stainless steel, we had to try numerous configurations to achieve the effect the owners were after,” said Loeck.

“The value that we add to a project goes beyond the skill and craftsmanship of our fabricators. We also work closely with the customer to solve challenges that are uncovered throughout the design and construction phases of the project,” said Todd Rivers, owner of RMP.  Both the circular stairway and the serpentine stairway had to be lifted over the house with a crane and set into place.

“Rivers Metal was excellent at taking my visions and ideas and making them a reality.  Whatever I dreamed up, they were able to fabricate!, “ said Loeck.

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