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Rivers Metal Products has a proven process to take on the simplest to the most complex projects with ease. We are small enough to deliver attentive customer service and project management, while large enough in our diversity of skill and expertise to fulfill any metal needs. With our expertise and consultative approach, we can achieve the best solution for your project.

We want to know all about your next metal fabrication project. When you reach out to Rivers Metal Products, you will be connected with an expert to walk you through all of our metal materials as well as our thoughtful time-tested process for completing projects.

Once connected with Rivers Metal Products, we can efficiently help you determine what metal materials to use and how to best go about your fabrication project. With over 50 years of metal experience, we can help you find the best fabrication solution.

Once the metal project consultation is complete, a Rivers Metal Products expert will provide an estimate of what labor and metal materials will cost, this way you know exactly what to expect. Keep in mind, our experts can be consultative, make recommendations, look for efficiencies, and make adjustments to suit your budget.

Rivers Metal Products has worked on a wide variety of metal projects including signage, architecture, and fine art. Our quality, attention to detail, and commitment to craftsmanship have helped us earn a quality metal design reputation.

The expert craftsmen at Rivers Metal Products can handle the production of your metal project from start to finish and ensure it's done right. Contact us today and let's get your metal project started.

Our Metal Services

Rivers Metal Products can handle your special project requirements. We know metal -- the structural issues, weight, corrosion, distortion, finishes and more. Our adaptability and consultative approach means we can use innovative strategies and proven methods in metal fabrication to achieve the best solution for your project. With our unique and diverse experience, Rivers Metal Products is well-positioned to handle simple, complex, and challenging projects where only the end goal is in mind. From 22,000-gallon rotational molds to agricultural tanks, and machine parts; to signage, stairways, railings, and bolt assemblies that fit in your hand, Rivers Metal can make your metal fabrication needs a reality.

Rivers Metal Products can handle your special project requirements. We know metal -- the structural issues, weight, corrosion, distortion, finishes, and more.

Rivers Metal Products has been defining the industry standard in rotational molds since 1973. We pioneered the developed of fabricated stainless steel molds, and have been a leader in the design, development and innovati…

Rivers Metal Products will provide custom design and build services for metal component parts and custom fabrication for a variety of applications, including machinery, tools, industrial items, and more.

Incorporating metal elements into interiors and architecture will set your project apart. Whether you're looking for a classic design or ultra-modern aesthetic, metal is your strongest choice.

Stand out and be seen. Rivers Metal has the knowhow and capabilities to design and fabricate signs in a variety of metals and finishes, and in every shape and size imaginable.

Rivers Metal Products enjoys collaborating with local artisans, sculptors, designers, architects, and hobbyists from metal material sales to design and installation of metal specialty features.

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Metal Materials

Rivers Metal has an incredible variety of materials available for sale to customers. We stock a variety of materials, and if we don't have what you need, we can get it. Our expert employees will use their extensive knowledge to help you find exactly what you need while consulting with you on all metal material options.

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